Open source stuff for you to try.

These are published projects that I actively build and maintain. More are in the works and will be added to this page once they are public. My focus is currently on building more Laravel packages and other web development libraries. To get updates, follow me on Twitter or tune in to my live stream on weekdays.

Laravel OptiKey
Laravel Packages

Use UUID or Ulid as optional or primary key in Laravel. This package adds a very simple trait to automatically generate a UUID or Ulid for your Models.

Laravel Midtrans
Laravel Packages

Midtrans Payment API Wrapper for Laravel. Facade for all midtrans services: Snap, VT-Direct. Easy to use and easy to create mocking for tests.

Laravel Boilerplage

Alpine.js, Laravel, and Tailwind. An alternative full-stack development solution. This is the Laravel template with Tailwind, Alpine.js, and Livewire as default preset

StackUp Shell
Server Scripts

Another Linux server management scripts. The LEMP / LAMP software stack is a group of software that can be used to serve dynamic web pages and web applications.

React Startail
React.js Boilerplate

React app starter with Redux, React Router, Private Route, Lodash, Axios Interceptor, and TailwindCSS everything pre-configured.

Next.js Tailwind Starter
Next.js Boilerplate

Starter template for Next.js with TailwindCSS and TailwindUI preset. This is a starter template for Next.js with TailwindCSS and TailwindUI preset.

Server Stack

Varlet is a a web development environment for minimalists, inspired from Laravel Valet and Laragon. Varlet only includes PHP, Composer, and HTTP web server.

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